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Steve & Aviva Waldstein - Policy on Treating
Out of Town Patients


If there is a good experienced classical homeopath in your area we suggest you see them. If that is not possible you can travel to see a good experienced classical homeopath for the first appointment and do the follow-ups by phone. We do this very often with patients flying or driving in from all over the country to our office in Denver.

If neither of the above options are possible then we can treat you by phone. We prefer in person appointments as we learn a lot about you by observing you. Phone appointments lose this very important channel of information. Despite that we are able to help people by phone- we just have a slightly lower rate of finding the right homeopathic remedy on the first try. One way to improve the accuracy of phone appointments is using a Webcam. You can purchase an inexpensive Webcam to hook up to your computer (cost $25-$100) and we can have our appointment using a internet connection. The webcam would only work if you have a fast internet connection (not dial-up, It requires a DSL or cable connection). This way we can both see as well as hear during the appointment.  

If you want to see us by phone - call us at 303-338-1776. We will ask you questions to determine whether we want to take you on as a client. These questions will concern what the problems are, what medications you are on, what problems including surgeries you had in the past and whether you have ever been treated by a homeopath and whether you are currently being treated by an acupuncturist, naturopath or chiropractor.

After this screening we will make an appointment for you and mail you forms to fill out and return to us before the appointment. We will also send a booklet explaining homeopathy. We will recommend you read an introductory book or two about homeopathy and can sell them to you and send them at the same time. We also will want you to send a picture of yourself. Also videos (VHS or DVD) can be very useful- showing any visible physical pathology or behavior.

They are especially useful for children showing behaviors, personality or quirks. We will take a credit card number from you to charge appointment charges. If you do not have a credit card all charges must be prepaid.

Then at the time of the appointment we will call you and have you call us back right away and talk on the phone to discuss all the details of your problems. The initial appointment is usually two hours long (sometimes longer). We will then research and choose what we think is the correct homeopathic remedy for you. The cost for this initial appointment and the research time is $380.

Approximately 1-2 weeks later (sometimes longer) we will call you to say we have chosen a remedy and will mail the remedy to you. We will set up an appointment of 30 minutes for after you have received the remedy. At this appointment we will answer any questions you have about homeopathy, discuss things you need to avoid while under homeopathic treatment and explain how to take the remedy and what to observe afterwards. The cost of this appointment is $83. The remedy is $20 and shipping is $10.

The first follow-up (30 minutes) will be one month later and will cost $83. Subsequent follow-ups will start at

monthly intervals and get less often as appropriate. Their cost is $83 and when remedies are needed they will cost as above

For Clients Outside the United States:

The procedures are as above except we will charge for the extra costs of telephone calls and of shipping remedies to you. Or you can get remedies locally, if available. The screening appointment can be done by e-mail- send us an e-mail saying you want to be treated and we will send you questions by return e-mail.

Who We Are:

Steve Waldstein RSHom (NA) CCH is a well known classical homeopath with 32 years experience. He is board certified as a homeopath by the North American Society of Homeopaths (RSHom(NA)- Registered Society of Homeopaths-North America) and by the Council on Homeopathic Certification (CCH- Certified Classical Homeopath). He is the author of How to Choose the Diet That's Right for You- a book on individuality in nutrition. He is the Past President of the North American Society of Homeopaths which is the largest professional association of homeopaths in the United States and Canada and one of the 4 certification boards for homeopaths in the United States. He is a well known teacher of homeopaths.

Aviva Waldstein RSHom (NA) CCH is an excellent classical homeopath with 26 years experience. She is board certified as a homeopath by the North American Society of Homeopaths (RSHom(NA)- Registered Society of Homeopaths-North America) and by the Council on Homeopathic Certification (CCH- Certified Classical Homeopath).

We both practice in Aurora Colorado- which is the eastern suburb of Denver (which is closer to the Denver airport then Denver itself is). We can be reached at 303-338-1776 or steve@homeopathy-cures.com


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Steve & Aviva Waldstein
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