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Samuel Hahnemann
Founder of Homeopathy

Use this page to find a good homeopath in your area. Another option is to see us at Classical Homeopathy. We treat people all over the country and the world by skype video calls. If interested click here

This list contains homeopaths who certify to me that they are experienced classical homeopaths. Some of these homeopaths are personally known to me or to a homeopath whom I trust or are certified by organizations that I trust. These personally recommended homeopaths are listed first in each state or province and there addresses are marked in bold. If one of these personally recommended homeopaths are available in your region then I recommend going to them..

Any of the homeopaths listed here can help you. This list will be updated regularly and additional practitioners will be listed. This list was last updated on June 9, 2012. We are not responsible for your experiences with these homeopaths- make up your own mind on who you want to see.

Homeopaths who want to be listed should e-mail us with their name and address information in the same format as below. In addition tell us something about your background, credentials, teachers, which homeopaths you most respect and your philosophy of homeopathy. Send this information to Steve Waldstein.

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